Private One-to-One personal training

Fitness Matters personal trainers of Exeter offer you completely private one-to-one personal training with expert and professional support to motivate you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle - with personal training that is tailored to your fitness levels and goals.

In addition to our private gym in Exeter, we also offer online training plans, helping you to success no matter where are!

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About Us

Whether you are an athlete, enthusiast or just a beginner our aim is to help you achieve your fitness targets and offer you all the knowledge, motivation and support you need.

Based in Exeter, Fitness Matters was founded by Personal Trainer Sam Blythe, a former professional rugby player with the Exeter Chiefs. We operate from a unique, completely private, one-to-one personal training studio whilst offering training sessions from the comfort of your own home - ensuring your privacy. Our personal trainers cover Exeter and neighbouring areas.

Consideration is made for the individual and we acknowledge that every man and woman is different, as are his or her bodies and goals. Our personal training programmes and nutritional guidance reflect this. Whilst the business of health and fitness is very much about opinions, it is generally accepted that quick fixes and fads don't work. Therefore in helping to increase your knowledge and understanding of fitness and nutrition we will help improve your lifestyle and performance for the long term.

About Sam

Fitness Matters was founded ten years ago by Sam Blythe. A former professional rugby player and captain of the Exeter Chiefs, Sam understands what it takes to achieve at the highest levels of sport and wants to bring that mindset to everybody, no matter their abilities, fitness, or goals.

Sam is also an elite performer in indoor rowing, where his achievements include:

  • Gold medals in the English, Welsh, and British Championships
  • The 10,000m British record time (30-39)
  • Silver in the World Championships

Sam believes that by working hard, with focus and attention to important elements of performance, people can realise their fitness ambitions and reach far beyond what they imagined was possible. He knows it from his own personal experience, and he wants to help you do the same.


Simon Hickey, Personal Training Customer


Great training, great advice, and great encouragement from the word go in the private, well equipped studios.

Malcolm Gigg, Director of ARA Architecture


I have competed in a number of triathlons over the last number of years, though lost my enthusiasm for training, through training with Sam Blythe at Fitness Matters for the last number of months I find that I am energised and enjoying exercise again.

At work I am more alert, more focused, and can concentrate for longer during the day.

The advice, support, and encouragement given in each session is testament to the level of preparation and professionalism that Sam effortlessly inputs to each workout.

The gym for me has always a place I would avoid, as this to me was not enjoyment. Sam however through his unique approach and varied tailored coaching has made this environment fun, combined with the fantastic facility this has made it something that I look forward too, and take pleasure from, both during and after each session.

I would happily recommend Fitness Matters and Sam Blythe to anyone.

Simon, ISCA Hockey Club


Having a structured weekly fitness session with Kev was the difference last year in our promotion to National league. Whilst many of us were already fit, having such a professional approach, aimed at hockey specific fitness was a huge factor in our domination of our league. Not only did we all actually feel the difference, but people really started to enjoy the sessions. We are delighted to work with Kev again this year as we step up another level and the fitness demands become even greater.

Clive Stuart-Smith, England Saxons


During my time working with Sam he illustrated a very professional and dedicated approach to both fitness and nutrition. He brings a great deal of experience, knowledge, innovation and passion which are fundamental to helping you achieve your goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam as a person who will motivate and inspire people to better their health and wellbeing.

Lucy Fulford


Training with Sam takes the planning and worry out of training. My sessions are always challenging, never the same and without his motivation and knowledge I would probably do the same exercises every time! I always go home with a real sense of achievement and feel good factor, energizing me for my day!

Nick Warren


Having done a few half marathons and one full marathon in the past I thought I was in pretty decent shape before I started having sessions with Sam. However, he got me training at a greater intensity and with more variety and after just seven weeks I knocked a couple of minutes off my best half marathon time – set eight years earlier! There isn’t much Sam doesn’t know about fitness and his knowledge and tips that back up the training sessions are invaluable. 

Rob Rathmell

I have been working with Sam for several years. He is the best coach I can imagine. Of course he has improved my times immeasurably, but what sets Sam apart from any other coach is his communication and responsiveness. In over 3 years he has never missed sending me weekly sessions and never once failed to reply to a WhatsApp or email question about that week's sessions. He has devised programs for me for everything from sprints to a marathon. I will be staying with Sam for many years to come and I can't recommend him highly enough.


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