Becoming a member of Fitness Matters

Here at Fitness Matters we have loads of experience when it comes to training people and creating routines for people to better their fitness and push them to the next level, so for a long time we’ve been considering creating a members scheme to really allow us to dedicate our time to transferring this knowledge to our customers. We have a lot of expertise, but we love rowing, and that is what we low to focus our training schemes around.

And finally, we are proud to announce our Fitness Matters Membership Scheme, which consists of two amazing schemes to cover those that just want a little help and those that want a little more.

The first is less than £1.50 a week! For that little amount you will get our ‘Workout of the day’, access to our exclusive members forum, and a basic level of interaction with our very own Sam Blythe – ex Exeter Chiefs player and personal trainer extraordinaire.

The second is slightly more intense and is our bespoke training package (price on request). This also includes our ‘Workout of the day’ and access to our exclusive members forum, but then also includes a personalised training e-plan just for you, regular training with Mr Blythe, and a one-on-one consultation to really get to the bottom of what you want and need from your fitness plan.

So have a little look and get on board!

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