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Back in April of this year I had the initial idea to host some sort of indoor rowing event and I wanted to offer the community an alternative to the common place distance of 2000m. Read my experience of our first event here

How to recover from anything and get fit again

How to recover from anything and get fit again Whether you’ve just had a baby, or you’ve recently sustained an injury, it’s entirely possible to recover and get your fitness levels back on track. Jessica Ennis-Hill, just a year after giving birth, is heptathlon world champion for the second time after winning the World Championship Gold […]

Becoming a member of Fitness Matters

Here at Fitness Matters we have loads of experience when it comes to training people and creating routines for people to better their fitness and push them to the next level, so for a long time we’ve been considering creating a members scheme to really allow us to dedicate our time to transferring this knowledge […]

Never listen to your own advice…..!!

Never listen to your own advice…..     My advice to people is to always concentrate on your own rowing and training, and if you maximise yourself you stand the best chance of being competitive with those around you and the rest takes care of itself. There will always be exceptions of course, but I […]

Bad day at the office!

Bad day at the office! Generally if I have a day that doesn’t go according to plan I seem to end up writing a blog, I think it helps me reflect and if I can learn why it may have gone wrong it can end up being a better day. Still frustrating and disappointing, but ‘bad’ […]

5 Reasons to get a Personal Trainer

We know all people approach their daily exercise in different ways. Some people naturally crave for movement whilst others need a bit more of a push to get started. Do you feel like one of the latter? Don’t worry, you are not alone, and the right push can easily be provided by a personal trainer.

Trying to avoid burning out…

Trying to avoid burning out….   It was Sunday morning and my schedule was some rowing and weights. Now not for the first time in the last few weeks, I had very little interest in doing either of these! That is not uncommon when you exercise frequently as you can’t always be super motivated, but […]

Why do we do it to ourselves….?

The story of the EIRC 2015 Manchester veledrome I started to write this blog in the car last night on the way home from the English Indoor Rowing Championships. I like to reflect pretty soon to allow myself to move forward again and clear my mind. However the volume of messages I received and their […]

Fitness and the Apple Watch

Can the new Apple Watch help your fitness? We look at the effect of smartwatches on you workouts.