About our plans

Suitable for all ages and abilities, our plan offers pre planned workouts, pace guidance and coaching input in a mutually supportive group environment.

According to the feedback we’ve gained this set up reinforces structure, accountability, variance, and consistency in training whilst also helping participants build confidence and stay motivated.

To date, the progress individuals have made has been astounding. The package we’ve developed has been enough to sustain a level of interest and commitment to training at a level we could not have imagined when the initial pilot took place.

The Plans themselves has been developed to support those who wish to row, cycle or train in pursuit of general health and fitness goals as well as those who have an interest in performance enhancement and competition. We have devised a ‘one size fits all’ formula which consistently delivers results regardless of your current fitness level.


plans personalised for you

Training can be hard, don’t kid yourself! But results come faster if you have a workout plan that is geared towards your personal abilities and goals.

That is why every single Fitness Matters training plan is specifically designed for you and your level of fitness. 

We achieve this through gearing. 

Gearing is our unique method of training, and can be applied to any form of exercise or fitness aim.

Watch our video below to understand more.

Introducing Gearing



When you start a Fitness Matters plan, the first few weeks are all about setting your BASE. 

Base is a small test that helps you judge your level of fitness. It provides you with a score that we call BASE. You can then use this to tailor every plan we do to your specific levels of fitness, your goals and training ambitions. 

You can find your base for both Cycling and Rowing, buy joining our free four week Base Program, designed specifically for people new to Gearing and Fitness Matters. 


Gearing is all about the relationship between three important metrics that apply to your workout regime. By keeping one variable constant and adjusting the other two you can ensure that each workout has an impact on specific areas of your fitness.

Although Gearing was initially designed for rowing it can be applied to any workout. Let’s take weight lifting as an example.

The three metrics you’d be concerned with would be:

  • Weight
  • Reps
  • Rest

By fixing the weight but adjusting the reps and rest we can target muscular endurance, while fixing reps and adjusting weight and rest can help to maximise strength gains.


Here’s a rundown of some of Gearing's main benefits:

  • Simple and flexible - This means you can focus on putting the maximum effort into each workout and ensure that every second counts.
  • Designed with people at its heart - Because we know you can’t be at your best for every workout we’ve designed gearing to include periodisation which means you avoid physical and mental burnout.
  • Adjust your goals on a per session goals - This means you can still have a successful workout that pushes you closer to your goals even when you have one of those days where life happens.
  • Adaptable - It can be applied to any workout.

Clive Stuart-Smith, England Saxons:

Sam brings a great deal of experience, knowledge, innovation, and passion which are fundamental to helping you achieve your goals.


Gear up for success Get started with our totally free 4 week starter programs for cycling and rowing now. 


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