With the New Year long gone and the summer firmly set in our sights, it’s at this point in the year that people begin to look for the best ways of getting their summer bodies into shape. But is what you’re doing to get your summer look really the best thing for you to be doing?


So, what do you do?


In general, the first place people go to for training and fitness advice is our trusty companion, the World Wide Web. Pages detailing the latest celebrity-endorsed electrolytes or ‘miracle workout packages’ giving you ultra-firm abs in a week are what usually greet our eyes after a simple Google-search. But are these products really the ideal way for you to get from Christmas-belly to Summer-hot? Every now and then you may find an article that has a reasonable amount of constructive advice and with that in mind, you head to the local gym to begin your quest for your perfect summer body. Six weeks go by. You’ve been going to the gym three times a week, just like the friendly internet article told to do. You’re beginning to wonder whether your new workout IS actually working out the way you wanted. It’s all well and good going to the gym three times a week, but you need a way of being able to measure your fitness development. Who is there that is telling you that what you’re doing is right? Who is there that is instructing you on what exercises are good and which are doing nothing but getting you in a hot and sweaty mess? Back to the internet you go…


So, what could you be doing?


Ask a professional. Many local gyms have the facility for personal training. One-to-one personal training offers the results you are looking for without the hassle of trawling the internet for hours trying to find out what your favourite sportsman or woman is doing that wins them those gold medals. Your personal instructor will set you achievable goals, working with you directly in getting your physical fitness to its peak. Measuring your development as you go, your trainer will develop your regime depending on your ability, constantly pushing you so you don’t get complacent along the way, allowing you to understand which exercises are good and helpful, and which are completely pointless. Personal training gives you the backing you need to succeed and be ready for when the summer months hit (and beyond!).

Fitness Matters offers both Personal Training and Group Training sessions. Taught by professional athletes who have helped fellow professionals stay in peak physical shape, Fitness Matters provides a personal service that will leave you looking great, and feeling even better. For more information on the services Fitness Matters offer, call directly on 07894 11 56 99.

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