January is always a month of renewed energy and enthusiasm. As the old year ends and a new one begins, we find ourselves wanting to be fitter, healthier and generally better in everything we choose to do. But as the month comes to a close, many of our early commitments begin to wane and our dedication can fail.


So how can you fight this loss of enthusiasm? You need inspiration! We recently posted on our Facebook page a ‘before and after’ shot of one of our clients. “Dr G” (we’ll call him for the purpose of confidentiality) worked very hard and in just 8 weeks he saw an amazing change in his body shape and fitness levels.

Just have a look at this photo:

If you’ve been working as hard as Dr G in January, then you only have another 4 weeks to go before you see these amazing results eh? If you haven’t been working hard enough – then maybe you need the Fitness Matters team to give you a kick. Don’t waste that New Year’s feeling, don’t give in to the routine of your previous lifestyle – make your January a change for life and keep going!

Make Sustainable Changes

Finally, it’s worth showing you the excellent progress our long-term clients enjoy. Richard (pictured below) has been with us for a few years now, and has stuck to his nutrition and fitness regime. Richard and Dr G show that if you make realistic sustainable changes you will see an upward curve in your fitness levels. Keep making small steps in the right direction, nothing radical, no fads – just good habits and hard work. Let these images be an inspiration to keep going and make those New Year’s resolutions last all year round!

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