Current Members and Achievements

We’re proud of all our Future Performers members. Please find some information about our members here…

U13 Group

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U14 Group

The U14 group are all members of the Devon Schools Of Rugby Programme! All 4 members of this group are playing in the U14 Devon Club Championship at Sandy Park on 5th May.

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U16 Group

future performer future performer future performer future performerFuture performer

Other Groups

The Future Performers programme is aimed at 12 – 22 year olds. If you want to take advantage of your untapped potential, get in touch today!

More Information about the programme…

Concentrating on the fundamentals of strength and power the Future Performers programme will incorporate all Olympic lifting disciplines along with precision strength coaching on squats, front squats, split squats and various upper strength exercises led by our team of quality Ex Professional sportsmen who have played sport and coached sport at the highest of levels.

Athletes involved with the Future Performers programme will combine weight lifting disciplines with resistance work such as sled sprints and running techniques under direct supervision and strict technical input from our certified strength and conditioning specialists at Fitness Matters.

Athletes will at all times be challenged to progress in line with their unique developmental pathway, to put on lean muscle, increase strength and harness their explosive power which will help them and their teams not only in their chosen sports but in your future challenges of everyday life.

It is important in this ‘Building the Engine’ phase that strength training is optimised so that you can combine strength together with your speed work and fulfill your sporting ambitions to the highest level of your capabilities.

Our personal trainers will design personal weights programmes towards your needs and give advice on any questions or areas involving nutrition and lifestyle and are self driven to help you maximize your time and involvement in all Future Performer sessions.

We are looking for new members and groups to join us and take advantage of your next sporting career move with our top class facilities and trainers so please contact Shane on 07956 224 279 or email [email protected] for further information.

If you would like to come down and take up the opportunity to speak with Shane and the trainers or watch a session you are more than welcome so please contact us to book a time and date.

“The Fitness Matters Future Performers phase of strength training enables us to make an athlete before making a player out of the athlete.”