After the “one million metres” Janurow challenge, we thought we’d have a bit of a debrief. Sam gave us an honest interview about his hectic start to the year…

How did you find Janurow? Did you enjoy it?

That’s a funny question to answer… I enjoyed finishing and knowing I had helped others. It was satisfying personally but more so to see so many others achieve so many metres and enjoy rowing. It was a good focus but who would choose to row over a million metres for fun….. Oh yeah – I did!

How hard was it?

‘Hard’ is all relative. People have far harder lives than I do. But for 31 days (excluding the pre event organisation) there was definitely a different pressure and focus in my life. Everything else remained, but there was always this nagging in my head to be rowing as it had to be done.

I also chose to make it hard on myself by demanding a fast pace every session. It was relentless. And at times throughout it was mentally, physically, emotionally and logistically hard.

But when something is over it never seems so bad as you move on. You even miss it. Would I choose to do it next month though… Hmmm!

What was your top tip to stay motivated throughout the challenge?

The things we take for granted in our lives would be the answers to these children’s prayers. I was motivated throughout as it had to be done – so I just got on and did it 2 or 3 times per day.

Definitely some days were harder than others, but the children we were doing this for have suffering each and every day of their lives. Forever. Our pain was short-lived.

What are your hopes for the Janurow charity event next year?

I want it to grow year on year. I had so much support, help and understanding this time around and those that entered achieved well beyond what they thought they could. I want it to be recognised everywhere so more can be raised for our fantastic charities. Everything will be bigger, better and smoother next time around as we have so much more time to prepare and will learn all the lessons from this year’s event.


If you want to get involved with Janurow, either by donating or helping us to plan for next year, please visit

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