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Select the right plan for you. From Indoor rowing to Cycling or Personal training, we have a program to suit all ambitions, and levels of proficiency. 

Indoor Rowing

FROM £18.50 A MONTH. Your program includes:  - A weekly program written by British Champion Sam...

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Indoor Cycling

FROM £18.50 A MONTH. Indoor cycling has quickly become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world....

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Personal Training

ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING AVAILABLE SOON Right now, we are not offering virtual PT programs, but rest assured, this i...

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Thank you for showing interest in our personal training program.

We are very proud of the quality and integrity of all of our fitness programs, and so we are taking our time to get our personal training just right and aligned with our values before we launch. 

To show our appreciation for your support, you will be invited to take part in the initial group and receive an exclusive discounted membership price. 

just fill in the form below to qualify and thanks again.