This month it was the turn of the Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing Team to choose the format of the CTC ( This is an online monthly rowing challenge which provides lighthearted competition for those entering. I only formed the team a few months ago and was surprised that we had been asked to choose so soon. Originally I had something else in mind, but it was too similar to last month’s challenge so instead opted for some intervals. I chose something that I used a bit in my rugby playing days and from my memory  it was not nice lol.

Last time I did this was in 2006 when I did it weekly for 4 weeks taking it from 10m 13s down to 9.59.0 and I remember thinking now I am under 10 mins I won’t be doing that again! All that time has passed  and there I was sat there in front of the PM today knowing it was going to hurt. It did not disappoint! When I chose this challenge I was thinking I would aim to beat the time above – that was until someone posted 9.52! Oh dear. I set myself some new targets to attack that. I always know if I am really up for something as I am sick before the event and today I was. Ironically that was something I did weekly before a game…

The outcome today I was pleased enough with. Hard to see where I would shave anymore time off. I am trying to take my body to new levels at the moment and the end of each rep today I was lying on the floor trying to get the life back to my legs! I hope it is another 8 years till I see that screen again, and if I do it will definitely be in a slower time. Good luck to all those taking the CTC this month.

Photos won’t post at the moment will upload later (time was 9.43.4 @ 1.29.7/500m)



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