3 Food Subscription Services to Help You Stick to a Healthy Diet

3 Food Subscription Services to Help You Stick to a Healthy Diet


Subscription services have risen in popularity in recent years, often due to the way they make our lives easier and our personal budgets more manageable.

With our big focus on maintaining a sustainable diet, we wondered if subscription meal services can be an efficient way to make sure you get your nutritional fix each week… Especially if you’re short on time for long supermarket trips!

Here are three popular services we found:

Hello Fresh


With Hello Fresh, subscribers can choose from a range of recipes from the website. Having made the selection, the exact ingredients will be delivered weekly in a chilled recipe box.

Positives and negatives…

Healthy recipes: A quick browse of the site revealed mostly balanced meal options with full nutritional info at hand. Remember, we promote the Paleo diet here at Fitness Matters so if you’re following along with us not everything should be included.

Convenience: The service could be a time saver and an efficient way to plan meals for the week ahead, especially after work.

Less flexibility? The rigidity of the recipe-based service might not be for everyone.

We couldn’t see anywhere specifying the exact contents of the boxes, an uncertainty which may bother some people. Perhaps this is made clearer as you progress with the service.

Veg in a Box


We’ve included Veg In A Box as they are a great local company to us. Despite their name, Clyst-St-Mary based Veg in a Box also deliver fresh fruit, meat & dairy to the Devon area.

Local produce: Veg in a Box is local and supports local farmer and producers.

Variety of healthy options: Veg in a Box have a whole section of their website devoted to ‘Healthy fruit & veg boxes’ – including the FitBox (Designed for People Looking at Eating Clean).

Too much choice? At Fitness Matters we help a lot of our clients with nutritional advice. If you’re not a pro-planner, you might find the plethora of different boxes a little overwhelming. Look for a balanced and sustainable diet!

Veg In A Box don’t yet offer a subscription service but many customers repeat their orders on a regular basis.



Graze revolutionised the world of food delivery subscription by introducing the concept of a snack box. Subscribers rate food items to indicate what they would like to have in their box, which is then posted to them through their letterbox.

Less of an outlay: Compared to the relative expense involved with ordering groceries through Hello Fresh and Veg in a Box, Graze is on a smaller scale and therefore food subscription at its most affordable.

Personalised boxes, variety of snacks

Not for those with allergies: Graze warns on its site that snacks may contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts, soya, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, fish and sesame. Be careful!

You can’t live on snacks alone!

If you use any of these services, let us know what you think on social media.


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