A break in routine…..

A break in routine……..


Most people, including me, seem to prefer routine, although it’s not always obvious to ourselves. Perhaps it is just human nature, but when routine changes or stops, things don’t seem to run as smoothly. Christmas is one of those times for nearly everyone as there is a natural break in our standard lifestyle. This usually involves less work and more relaxation and playtime, in theory giving more training time and energy….in theory….

I have been on a great run of things lately, training very hard as normal and in the month leading up to Christmas I had hit two long term targets and milestones for myself. I broke 6 mins for 2km and broke 16 mins for 5km which was nice. I felt I had huge momentum on my side and wanted to push on.


My sub 6 min 2000m.

My sub 6 min 2000m.


My sub 16m 5000m

My sub 16m 5000m.


Flat out is the only real gear I have in life and that seems to be when I am at my happiest. Well Christmas and the natural break to my standard routine came at a funny time for me, or at least I didn’t handle it very well this time around as I have had many mixed thoughts and emotions recently. Perhaps I was on a slight come down from a few fast times, but I definitely felt like I was fighting being derailed. I only had 2 days off work in the festive period, but very often was in less familiar surroundings which gave a very different feeling to life. My training continued as it always does, but delivering the numbers I set myself was significantly harder both mentally and physically.

I set my own standards very high and expect supreme consistency from myself, but the last few weeks have been a real test for of those demands, one I am still trying to make my way through. Many of my recent sessions have looked ok on paper, but delivering them has been a different story. Today’s workout was a great example of this. My mental capacity is definitely a real strength of mine, but this tested that to the max. I could happily have not started. I could also happily have stopped after, or midway through any of the three reps. Only the thought of being disappointed in myself for the rest of the day made me continue on to what looks a pretty screen shot in the end. Do I feel better for it? Well it has prompted me to finally write this blog so it was definitely worth it as I think I have needed to put pen to paper over this sticky phase for a while now. I hope it will help me to once again move forward as I generally find getting my thoughts out helps clear my brain.


Today's mental and physical challenge.

Today’s mental and physical challenge.

I am not sure if I have been lacking a bit of desire or maybe the realisation of what is required now from me now to keep moving the bar forward and breaking new ground is sinking in. It is going to take one huge mental and physical effort along with some smart training. I have some answers, but not all. Putting them into practice is a very different issue so answers appreciated on a postcard please….

Happy new year and I hope your training goes from strength to strength.

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