So my last blog was not that positive, which was pointed out to me by a client today! My reply to her was that it was honest and not all weeks can be amazing (hangovers don’t help lol). This week however has been an altogether different experience.

All my life, outside of rugby specific training, I have been the master of my own destiny when it comes to programme writing. It has always done me well and I have got great results from them. More recently I have begun to realise that some of my Concept 2 rowing times have been a bit more than reasonable, so I decided to investigate how and if I could get to the next level. I had my own ideas on this and they will always remain, but I chose to look further afield this time.

Following some research, I decided to leave my comfort zone and take some guidance. I headed up country for a morning of testing and for the foreseeable future have decided to team up with Eddie Fletcher, a proven indoor rowing coach. I knew doing this would mean a lot of my rowing sessions would follow a different style and this would take some time to get used to. Patience is not my number one strength so we are both in for an experience! But what is the worst that could happen….so I have given it a go.

I still take care of all my nutrition and strength and conditioning, but have passed the responsibility of my rowing sessions to Eddie. This is week one of my new chapter and has gone fine. The sessions have not reached my usual intensity as yet, but I am sure there is time for that. There has been more focus on stroke rate and heart rate which will take some time to adapt to, but I am happy to be asking more questions of myself and to be stretching that comfort zone! Now I just have to find some patience…….


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