DIRC Race 2022


Hi All,

Really looking forward to having a good day’s racing on Saturday. Just a quick post with some final details and a few reminders. I’d be grateful if you could forward this on to anyone you know who may not have received these reminders and would also like to request that if you are no longer planning to race, please notify us as soon as possible in order that the race schedule can be amend and things can run smoothly on the day.

A race schedule will be live on the website no later than Wednesday 5th October and all races will be between 10am and 2pm UK time.

Please read this race day information carefully and familiarise yourself with the set up to avoid any issues on Saturday.

  • The race will be run using the Concept 2 ErgRace app which needs to be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet.
  • It is very advisable to have ONLY THIS APP using the Bluetooth function on the chosen device to avoid possible interference. So music etc if possible can use a separate device.
  • Concept 2 provide information for all racers here. It really is straight forward as long as you have prepared and familiarised yourself in advance.
  • Once you have downloaded the App (ensuring you have the latest PM5 firmware and a C2 Logbook account) please enter your DIRC competition code as follows: 983-606-2039 . You will then enter a holding pen and I will let those in who are in the upcoming race.
  • I will close entries at the time of your race (for example 12:00 for race 1) and we will then start a few mins after so please ensure you are live on the app in good time (5-10 mins before). All race times are UK time.
  • If you experience any connection issues throughout, carry on and complete the row and save any screenshots.
  • Lightweight competitors please film evidence of your timed weigh in.
  • The full race schedule is available on the website to view here: https://live.ergrace.com/race/9836062039?id=grdqw59#/
  • Information regarding medal categories is available via the website link.
  • Race schedule will be live on the website 3-4 days prior to race day. Races will take place 10am-2pm.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly is taking some time to test the software prior to Saturday. I strongly suggest you take the short amount of time to do this.

I will run 2 separate test races of 1 minute on Thursday 6th October at 14.00 and 18:30 UK time. The code for this will be the same as the competition code above 983-606-2039 

This process is very important to the success on race day.

As ever, if there are any issues I can help you with please reply directly to [email protected]


This post is intended only for those competitors who have completed registration and payment. There is still time to enter if you haven’t.

For more information on our online plans follow this link.

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