Research suggests that individuals who regularly engage in structured exercise are up to 62 % more productive and work efficient over a 3 month period that those that don’t. This is huge! It would be like employing another member of staff, part-time, for free! With figures like this in mind, how can you ignore the benefits of fitness for your business?


One of the great things about a healthy and fit lifestyle is of course the morale and work ethics. Committing to a training regime shows dedication in an individual which filters through into the workplace. Employees who train hard, work hard and are ultimately much more productive. They bring energy, enthusiasm and a happier attitude to the office. Because of the endorphins released through working-out, employees that train are often happier and more manageable and can lift others in the workplace. Next time you are thinking about sending your staff on an expensive team-building weekend, consider promoting a fitness programme instead! Think about organising sports games during lunch breaks or getting a personal trainer in for an afternoon each week.


By having a healthy diet – eating little and often of the right foods for example – leads to sustained blood sugar levels throughout the day. This results in an improved mental approach, helping with decision making and approaches to tasks and work. Hydration levels are much improved through training; research suggests that hydration is up to 72 % better, leading to much better productivity and efficiency within the workplace.


Research suggests that over a three month period, the amount of days lost through staff illness was up to 78 % lower than those that didn’t exercise! A healthy lifestyle results in a healthy body with increased protection from illness and a greater dedication to work. It’s not rocket science. Sickness costs the economy millions every year; 131 million days were lost to sickness in 2011! Save yourself a slice of this and get your team moving.

In any organisation, it is important for management to remain strategic long-term planners. Although promoting a fitness programme may increase costs initially, the benefits are proven longer term. Tangible cost-reductions are easily attainable if you do it right. Here at Fitness Matters we pride ourselves on operating schemes to develop and grow your business (find out more) through training and diet-plans. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help enrich your company culture. Or, maybe you are already doing this? Let us know in the comments below.

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