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Usain Bolt talks about eating KFC, back problems and running tips:

Usain Bolt Interview

“Living a healthy lifestyle can add at least five years to life”, even if you begin after the age of 75!

At 5 years to your life

“How to Burn More Calories”

Burn more calories

Workouts that make fitness experts cringe

Bad Workouts

How tennis-star Djokovic got super-fit and won the Australian Open

Focus on Djokovic

Not seeing results? 10 great reasons to hire a personal trainer

Hire a personal trainer

6 New Ways To Rev Up Your Workout

Rev up your workout

Some exercises for back pain

Help back pain

Some interesting ideas on “the philosophy of sport”

Philosophy of sport

New study shows that #Marmite may help to fight superbugs! Love it or hate it, it’s full of vitamin B

Marmite: Love it or hate it

Some interesting research yesterday on the negative effects of using cannabis at young ages.

New drug research

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at archery?

Try archery


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