How to plan for a great 2016!

How to plan for a great 2016!

A month of 2016 is already over and done with, and by now you will probably have a good idea of how your body is feeling after the early “Let’s get fit” New Year’s inspiration. However, the real test is maintaining this drive throughout the year. At Fitness Matters we’re all about sustainable progress.

Here are 4 top tips to help you achieve this!

Have an end goal

A clear purpose for your training, be it a general goal such as losing weight, or the challenge of an event like a half marathon, will focus your efforts and increase your motivation as the year goes on. Remember, it’s all about sustainable progress.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Research has proven that those starting an exercise regime alone have a general dropout rate of about 43 per cent, whereas for those who train in a group environment, that figure lies around the seven per cent mark. Joining in group exercise classes can be much more effective and surrounding yourself with people with similar goals could help you with sustained determination this year!

Set realistic targets

This might seem like an obvious one, but failing to meet your fitness targets is often a confidence blow, and something that may cause your motivation to gradually ebb away. By giving yourself challenging but attainable objectives, you will feel good about yourself when your efforts are successful. Sustainable fitness plans are far better that unrealistic goals.

Change your workouts regularly

Regular alterations to your routine; from volume to stimulus and exercises, will shock your body and keep the gains coming. This will also have the psychological benefit of mixing things up and keeping your routine fresh, since there is nothing worse than fitness feeling like a chore.

 2016 Workout

At Fitness Matters we have a team of hugely experienced personal trainers: contact us now for a free fitness and lifestyle consultation and kickstart your 2016 in the best way!

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