Only a few forms of exercise offer all over body,  fat-burning and cardiovascular benefits with low stress on the joints. Indoor rowing is also one of very few forms of cardio that also builds muscle, giving you a strong physique.

Whether you want to improve your general health or improve your performance in a sport, indoor rowing can give you the boost you need. 

Sign up now. Prices start from £18.50 per month.

Or if you are after really improving your times then select our performance package. This targets those competitive individuals who are after squeezing every second out of their bodies! Taking this option also gives you full access to our standard plan.

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Suitable for all ages and abilities, our plan offers pre planned workouts, pace guidance and coaching input in a mutually supportive group environment.

According to the feedback we’ve gained this set up reinforces structure, accountability, variance, and consistency in training whilst also helping participants build confidence and stay motivated.

To date, the progress individuals have made has been astounding. The package we’ve developed has been enough to sustain a level of interest and commitment to training at a level we could not have imagined when the initial pilot took place.

The Plan itself has been developed to support those who wish to row in pursuit of general health and fitness goals as well as those who have an interest in performance enhancement and competition. We have devised a ‘one size fits all’ formula which consistently delivers results regardless of your current fitness level.


If you are wondering how rowing can help you reach and exceed your fitness goal then here’s a rundown of some of its main benefits:

  • Full body workout - Rowing hits all the major muscle groups, improving strength and flexibility.
  • Low-impact - Unlike many other forms of cardio, indoor rowing doesn’t pund your joints, and helps boost joint stability, flexibility, and overall joint health.
  • Hits the core - To row you need to engage your core muscles, and they get a thorough workout the whole time you’re rowing.
  • Adaptable - You can use rowing in interval training or for longer steady state sessions depending on your available time and overall aims.
  • Torches fat - Rowing is a huge calorie burner and can help you shed pounds of excess fat.
  • Accessible - Indoor rowing is suitable for all sizes, all ages and all fitness levels.
  • You’re in control - You can adjust your speed, intensity, and the resistance on the machines, giving you complete control of your session. This also means that indoor rowing has a very low chance of injury.
  • Great for injury rehab - Whether you’re recovering from a torn muscle, joint surgery, or even have a heart condition, rowing can help your recovery.

If you are ready to take your fitness up a gear then our indoor rowing programme can help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter your age or current abilities. Prices start from just £18.50 a month


Sam Blythe, British Champion, on Indoor Rowing:

I have always kept myself fit, strong and healthy, and rowing has been a part of my overall training programme.

Sam Blythe, founder of Fitness Matters, former captain of Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club, and British, English, and Welsh Indoor Rowing Champion 2015. 

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