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A large amount of my training at the moment is geared towards improving my rowing times. This doesn’t mean that is all the training I do however. In fact I believe you would be missing a trick if you do don’t involve an element of  ‘cross training’. With this in mind I include plenty of weights for strength and conditioning in my overall training programmes, as well another cardio based exercises such as running and cycling. This not only adds variety to sessions, keeping things fresh, but also compliments my rowing training. This leaves me not just  fit for purpose, but also my body far stronger, fitter and healthier as a whole.

So today’s session was a circuit based all body conditioning session. There was rowing within it which can increase the intensity significantly if you go hard in those pieces. Combining rowing and weights in this format makes for a very tough session! In fact there were several times when I was rowing, and blowing hard, where I was questioning how I have kept those splits for some of my recent long row pieces! Came through it and my back, although by no means sorted, held up with a little caution in places.  No erg screen shot today but rest assured it played its part! Onto tomorrow where it is back to a full rowing session.



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