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More recently I have tried to build some momentum again to try and have a shot at a few of my personal best row times. I tend to do this on a Saturday (#SuperSaturday) where I set up my rowing software, Row Pro (, to create a race/event to row with others. I also use it ocassionally for my personal sessions, but today I learnt its true value….

In the schedule was a 30 minute TT where you aim for max distance. My best for this is 9072 m (1.39.2) set earlier this year, and was hoping to post a distance over 9000m today. However the last few days I had started to feel pretty rough so it was clear it wouldn’t be sensible to have a shot at this today. I didn’t want to pull out totally as I had set the event and others would be joining in, so I had told myself I would have a gentle/steady row and save my best for another day.

As I hit the start button we were off and I immediately noticed one of the other rowers pulling at a decent rate (1.40-1.45) and without a thought I sighed and went off at his pace too! So the gentle row was out the window as I wanted to make sure I got to the finish of the 30 mins with the most metres, for no other reason than it is motivating to row with others. Come the end I had done just that, but having others in the session highlighted the full power of this interactive online software as I ended up thoroughly enjoying my row. Although I was nowhere near a personal best, I rowed considerably faster than I would have and that is thanks to the others. Not sure my lungs will thank me!!

Looking forward to #SuperSaturday next week….

My personal screen shot

My personal screen shot


Today's session result

Today’s session result


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