Personal Training

It can be easy to hit a plateau in your training and just bumble along going through the motions. At times like this, or where you’re not seeing the results you expect from your workouts, personal training can give a boost to your time in the gym.

Personal training is about more than workout routines though. It covers meal plans, lifestyle support, motivational training and more. And it’s not the preserve of celebrities and athletes. Everybody can benefit from personal training thanks to its focus on the individual.

Right now, we are not offering virtual PT programs, but rest assured, this is coming soon!

For now you can get offline, bespoke 1-2-1 personal training by visiting for more details on our one to one personal training services.

Personal Training Services

We offer a complete selection of personal training services, and we use our expertise in all of the following areas to design the training regime that is right for you, your current abilities and your desired future self.

  • Diet and Nutrition - You can’t out-train a bad diet. Fact. But good diets come in all flavours depending on your goal. Looking to shed fat or pile on muscle? That requires two very different approaches to nutrition. Need to fuel your performance in a sport or just need to improve general health? Same story. Eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times produces optimal health and performance. We tailor your nutritional plan to your needs, and help you monitor and adjust as your goals change.
  • Personal Training - We all start from a different place and have a different destination in mind, so our journeys are all unique. That’s why your personal training programme is designed for you alone. Following an informal free consultation we’ll create your programme, with the workout based either at our private gym or at your home. Each and every factor is considered from body composition and gender to lifestyle and goals. These factors help us in designing a programme that’s perfect for you.
  • Fat and Weight Loss - Most people start their fitness journey wanting to lose weight. We help you understand the principles of weight loss through eating correctly. Your diet is the single biggest factor when it comes to carrying too much fat, and changes here can help you make radical changes to your body composition. A combination of nutritional advice, training techniques and sensible lifestyle choices can help achieve your best possible results.
  • Strength and Endurance - We can improve your strength and endurance whether you’re starting from square one or are a serious athlete. We have years of experience as personal trainers and athletes, and have learned from elite strength coaches.
  • Exercise for Health - Exercise should be a part of your everyday life. You don’t need to be training for a triathalon to be healthy. With busy lives but more sedentary jobs, it’s easy for us to slow down and become less active as we age. But as we age staying active and healthy is more important than ever. So if you want to simply get and stay fit we can design a programme for you.
  • Conditioning - If you want to increase your physical capability you have to put your body under a controlled level of stress, increasing the demands gradually over time. Our conditioning programmes are designed to help you make progress without compromising your limits.
  • Fitness for Business Performance - Having a fit and healthy workforce means less sick days and more productive work. Exercise can enhance your business by easing the stress of day-to-day duties, keeping you focused and more decisive. Exercise also gives you more energy, motivation and confidence.

Simon Hickey, Personal Training Customer:

Great training, great advice, and great encouragement from the word go in private, well equipped studios.


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