Although the weather may suggest differently, summer is most definitely approaching. And quickly! Before we’ve even realised, it’s May and it’s time to start making those summer holiday plans and to get that summer body into shape. What simple things can you do to make sure you’re looking and feeling great when it’s time to go to the beach?

Give yourself a deadline

Firstly, manage your time. Pick a date in the calendar which will be your deadline, and plan accordingly to reach your fitness goal. By giving yourself a target date to get fit, it will help you organise your time better, ensuring you train when you need to and rest when you don’t. Getting fit and staying fit is all about structure. Structuring your life in a way that suits your commitments, your lifestyle and also the needs of your body – that is the key to success.

Mix it up

Secondly, change your fitness routine. There are different exercises that work better at different times of the year. Did you know for example, some research suggests that higher body temperatures are better for reaching peak performance during sport? But in the winter, colder temperatures means you burn off more calories with less effort (See our article: ‘Stay fit during the winter’). How do you decide what is best? We’re always available for a chat so get in touch.

Little and often

Finally, take small positive steps, little and often towards your goal. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Focus and consistency is important. Do you want a beach bum? Then you’ll have to work for it. In our article last year, we outlined 5 simple nutrition and fitness tips to keep you on track and they’re still as true as anything today. Eat smaller portions, little and often. Exercise little and often to keep your metabolism going. Change your life for the better in small, consistent steps.


And what better way to do that, than with us?

We offer training schemes and schedules that suit you; whatever day of the week, whatever time of day. We’ll be there to help you get a body that you’ll want to show off on those sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean. We give you the training you need (and want) to lose those pounds and provide the nutritional and lifestyle advice to ensure that the body you’ve worked so hard to get, stays.

Call us on 01392 829 713 to make your first appointment. Don’t worry, it’s a no-obligation consultation (but we’re sure that once you’ve talked to us, you won’t want to look anywhere else).

Make sure that the body you go on holiday with this year is one that you’re proud of.

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