Today was scheduled to be 8 x 1000m- 3 mins rest, a repeat of a session 2 weeks ago. Same time of day, but different location and rowing machine as I was training at Fitness First with a client. My target was to improve my times from when I rowed alone, and again wanted to hit negative splits. So as to row at roughly the time as my partner for the day, I actually decided to add an extra 130m to each interval and aimed to hit the same splits as before.  If I could hit the same splits then this would be a satisfactory improvement, but I knew it would be tough as the last session I found hard.

Well just a few sets in I knew I was going to be on my limit as the 3 minute rest just didn’t seem enough for this distance. That feeling when you pick the handle up and you really want another minute, or 5 lol, to compose yourself. I just kept saying ‘get passed half way’ and sure enough the intervals went by. The last one wasn’t pretty but I delivered a marginally better split today for a greater distance. Onwards and upwards…

Today - 1130m x 8 - 3m rest

Today – 1130m x 8 – 3m rest

2 weeks ago - 8 x 1000m - 3m rest.

2 weeks ago – 8 x 1000m – 3m rest.

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