Early start today with the first session at 0600 at the home gym. Following a decent warm up, it was time for 5 x 1250m (4 rest) – targets were stroke rate 28-30 and pace 1.35-137. I have finally decided that this is close to the worst session there is. Always find it hard and today was no different. Maybe a mindset thing. Last time out I did only 4 reps with 5 mins rest, so that meant today was definitely going to be hard!! That feeling when you complete the first interval, are blowing out of your a*$e and wonder how you are going to manage 4 more lol. Maybe you just don’t want to do them, because you somehow get yourself home. I hit target, but on each rep the doubts crept in around 850m down to 600m. My aim was to stay on the lower end of the SR and the faster end of the pace. Managed this for the first two, but then found myself at 28-29 and towards the end 30 crept in a bit. Never convinced the PM gives a fair reflection of your stroke rate, not actually sure how it works it out! Let’s see how this effects my lunchtime session…..

concept 2

5 x 1250m (rest 4m) @28-30 SR

So next up today, a few hours later at work, was 3 x 2500m (5 rest) – targets were 28 SR and 1.38 pace. The previous 2500m sessions at lower SR I have found ok, but was aware I had the earlier session in the body. Did a shortish warm up then headed out bang on the targets and soon got my answer whether the previous session would make this one harder… yes!

From the first 500m I knew it was going to be tough. Equally I knew I would do it and, but for a slight error of judgement at the end of the last interval, I achieved what I was tasked with. The HR does however suggest that there was not much more in the tank (max is ~180). A tough few sessions today in a short space of time. Good to come through them on target.

concept 2 rowing

3 x 2500m 5 rest @28SR

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