We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve happily settled into our brand new premises!

The building work was carried out over a few months at the end of last year and we made the big change over one weekend just before Christmas. Fortunately this meant that we were able to move without causing any real disruption.

It took a long time as we started off having to undertake substantial work to get the building looking as we’d like.

Fitness Matters 1


We were lucky to have such a great team turning it into the building we wanted it to be.


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Before we got to move in all of our equipment.

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And finally were able to open our well equipped spaces

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You can now find us at Unit 4, Cofton Road, Marsh Barton, which is just around the corner from where we were.

One of the best features of our new premises is our 24-hour dedicated indoor-rowing room.

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Also our whole complex is contained within one space rather than being split up as it was in our old premises, which makes everything much easier.

We enjoyed our old units and all that you achieved there and we look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals in our brand new home.

Please get in contact with Sam if you’d like to start you fitness journey in our brand new premises:

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