Why settle only for a beach body, when you can have a great body for life?

Why settle only for a beach body, when you can have a great body for life?

It’s that time of year again and summer is upon us. But you know what that means… going to the beach. And you know that means… having that perfect summer body! But while many people may be thinking about getting that perfect ‘beach’ body, why not aim higher and aim for that perfect ‘life’ body?

But how can you achieve this?


See ‘getting fit’ as a lifestyle change rather than as a quick fad to get in shape for the summer. Although you can get sidetracked, remember that keeping a diverse array of activities and sustaining an exercise routine is the best route to continued fitness, even during busy or hectic periods. If you adapt you can maintain sustainable fitness.


Take small positive steps, little and often towards your end goal. Change doesn’t happen overnight. And giving yourself a deadline and cramming exercise in may help in the short term, but focus and consistency is important. After all, change doesn’t happen overnight. Remember: eat smaller portions, little and often. Exercise little and often to keep your metabolism going.

Make sure that you seek sustainable fitness, rather than a fad diet this summer!



And what better way to do that, than with us?

We offer training schemes and schedules that suit you; whatever day of the week, whatever time of day. We’ll be there to help you get a body that you’ll want to show not only on the beach but in the office as well! We give you the training you need (and want) to lose those pounds and provide the nutritional and lifestyle advice to ensure that the body you’ve worked so hard to get, stays.

Call us on 01392 829 713 to make your first appointment. Don’t worry, it’s a no-obligation consultation (but we’re sure that once you’ve talked to us, you won’t want to look anywhere else).


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