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Fitness Matters is Moving Premises!

Fitness Matters is Moving Premises!

In case you haven’t been following us on social media, Fitness Matters is moving premises this weekend!

It’s an exciting time for us, and still lots of work to be done – but here are some early pics of the new space. If you get the chance, why not pop in and say hi!

This is how things looked just a few weeks ago:

The FM gym under construction

How things looked just a few weeks ago

But now we are nearly there!

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

The Exeter indoor rowing community will enjoy this new space:

Indoor Rowing Exeter

Ideal for indoor rowing!

Come and visit our new gym!

Our new gym!

Our new gym!

More details to follow throughout this weekend, so follow us on Twitter and visit our Facebook page to be kept in the loop.

Or, if you’d like to book an appointment with Sam to come and visit and learn about our services, drop us a quick message using the form below:

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@FMPTExeter #Janurow

Since I stopped playing rugby a few years back, my life has very much changed. Along with my family, my main focus has become building a successful business. My training has become less specific and is now based on all round conditioning and remaining fit and healthy. But more recently I have found myself searching for a new physical challenge to grab my attention….

It needed to be one that was tough, but could realistically fit somewhere into a busy life. After seeing all the amazing feats individuals achieve for events such as Sports Relief and Comic Relief I had also found myself thinking about attempting it for charity. After a lot of thought I came up with the idea of rowing One million metres on the Concept 2 rowing machine throughout the month of January. That will equate to 32,258m, or just over 20 miles, per day everyday. Whilst I do a fair amount of rowing, that felt like a challenge, and also one that I felt was extreme enough to be able to ask for sponsorship for.

January is a great month for a physical challenge. There is huge attention on health and fitness following the festivities at Christmas. I hope to grow the idea and involve my clients and the public, as it will be a great way to burn off those excess pounds gained.

Alongside me for every metre will be my close friend Shane Kingsland. He is super keen, although I am not sure he will be thanking me as we get a few weeks into the challenge!! Who knows if we can raise the profile of the event enough then maybe it could become a yearly event involving many others.

We have chosen two charities that are both heavily involved with children as that is close to my heart. One is a national charity and one is based locally in Exeter. Full details on how you could get involved will follow, along with all relevant challenge updates. The link below has information on our charities and how to arrange sponsorship.

Make your New Year’s Rowsolution…..



We have an exciting new offer for you lovely people!

To start making use of this slightly warmer weather that we’re getting, we’ve decided to give away one FREE PLACE on our Saturday Group Circuit Session, each week! The session is open to all abilities, men and women, and covers a range of fun challenges and exercises aimed at getting you energised and working out.

It’s not your traditional circuit training session. Taking place outside (to keep you fresh and on your toes), the hour-long session is very much a team activity, working with one another on various challenges to get the best out of each other. It’s fun. It’s energetic. It’s a chance to get to know new people and to get to know us!

So, what do you need to do to win?

Head over to our Twitter page (@FMPTExeter), then follow us and retweet1 one of our #fmptoffer tweets.


Head over to either our Facebook or LinkedIn pages (or both?), then like our page and share a post2 (one of our FMPTOffer statuses).


The session starts at 9.15am each Saturday and winners will be announced on Thursday mornings each week (to give you enough time to prepare!)

Get liking, get following and get sharing!




1You will only be eligible for entry into the prize draw if you both follow the @FMPTExeter Twitter account and retweet a tweet containing #fmptoffer

You will only be eligible for entry into the prize draw if you both ‘like’ the Fitness Matters Facebook page (or Follow the Fitness Matters LinkedIn page) and share a status containing FMPTOffer.