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SUPER SATURDAY…. In recent weeks I have set up an online rowing session (using Row Pro software) for a time trial early on a Saturday morning. It has been good variety and having others to row with can be motivational and somehow makes you feel accountable to someone else! It is especially helpful if during […]


Online software as a training tool…..   More recently I have tried to build some momentum again to try and have a shot at a few of my personal best row times. I tend to do this on a Saturday (#SuperSaturday) where I set up my rowing software, Row Pro (, to create a race/event to […]


So Today was a 6km TT and I decided to do it online with Row Pro. Had some company as well, unlike earlier in the week which was nice and I can see how that online community can really help motivate each other. I didn’t feel in quite in PB territory so hoped and expected somewhere under 20mins. Everything was fairly controlled, but I did drift a tiny bit late middle third which annoyed me as this is always crucial to any time trial. However a PB is a PB as I improved my only previous effort over this distance by 0.1 seconds pretty much with the last pull (pictured below) ! I couldn’t see where to alter the split length when using Row Pro online so it defaulted to 300m!


I have not written too many blogs of late as I have not had too much out of the ordinary to report and training sessions have been pretty tough going. Training has peaks and troughs and usually these phases pass fairly quickly, but this has dragged on a bit and became frustrating. However more recently I have seen a bit of an upturn and am hopefully on the way back.


The key to becoming fit and healthy is to eat the right things and in the right way, and to avoid neglecting your diet. The quantity and type of food you consume has a major impact on your weight, and shedding the pounds can, more often than not, be achieved by making small changes to your diet. Changing your eating habits will not only revitalise your fitness and health, but it will also encourage you live a happy, more nourishing life. The best bit is that all this can be achieved by taking relatively small steps.


The last 3 or 4 weeks training has been going pretty well, hitting targets and making some progress in new areas of my rowing. At the start of each week I look at the sessions for the week ahead and plan and prepare accordingly. This week one session stood out as looking particularly challenging, so much so that I didn’t think I could do it and I hate failure.


Early start today with the first session at 0600 at the home gym. Following a decent warm up, it was time for 5 x 1250m (4 rest) – targets were stroke rate 28-30 and pace 1.35-137. I have finally decided that this is close to the worst session there is.


So my last blog was not that positive, which was pointed out to me by a client today! My reply to her was that it was honest and not all weeks can be amazing (hangovers don’t help lol). This week however has been an altogether different experience.

Why settle only for a beach body, when you can have a great body for life?

It’s that time of year again and summer is upon us. But you know what that means… going to the beach. And you know that means… having that perfect summer body! But while many people may be thinking about getting that perfect ‘beach’ body, why not aim higher and aim for that perfect ‘life’ body?


FUNNY OLD WEEK   So this week was kind of a transition week for me as I enter a new training phase next week. My training is always planned well in advance, both rowing and strength and conditioning. I look forward to these weeks as it is a chance to take the pressure off and […]