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The story of #Janurow2015

The story of #Janurow2015 We made it…. February has arrived and that tells me that the dust is settling on a second #Janurow. For all those involved in the event is a pretty full on month, but thanks to many fantastic efforts we hit our collective target.   It is a strange sensation that grows […]

We’ve moved!

We’ve now settled in to our brand new premises at Unit 4, Cofton Road.

Beating the Christmas bulge!

Beating the Christmas bulge So that time of year is once again approaching… …you eat two weeks-worth of food in half that time, just to then sit around watching Christmas TV specials in trousers that have suddenly become very tight-fitting… Experts estimate that the average weight gain over this period is anywhere from 1kg to […]


THE STORY OF THE CTC…   This month it was the turn of the Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing Team to choose the format of the CTC ( This is an online monthly rowing challenge which provides lighthearted competition for those entering. I only formed the team a few months ago and was surprised that we […]

Race Day….Bristol 2014

Race Day….Bristol 2014   So it was a short trip up the road today for my first 2000m race of the season. Training had gone well of late and was getting back on track. This week my legs had felt a little heavy, although this is often the way in the week leading up to […]

Intensive Wednesdays!

We’re launching a new, comprehensive training session aimed at getting you in shape in short, sharp bursts – it’s ideal for beginners and advanced athletes alike.


The 5:2 diet – where you fast twice a week – is growing in popularity, but what effect does it have on your fitness and exercise regime?


SUPER SATURDAY…. In recent weeks I have set up an online rowing session (using Row Pro software) for a time trial early on a Saturday morning. It has been good variety and having others to row with can be motivational and somehow makes you feel accountable to someone else! It is especially helpful if during […]


Online software as a training tool…..   More recently I have tried to build some momentum again to try and have a shot at a few of my personal best row times. I tend to do this on a Saturday (#SuperSaturday) where I set up my rowing software, Row Pro (, to create a race/event to […]